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Creating your Digital Coupon

Printed coupon catalogs have been around over 50 years, it’s time for change!

We transform traditional coupons into a digital, mobile friendly coupon, delivered digitally, via email, or shared with the latest social media applications.

Know who redeemed your coupons, by adding a sign up form driving increased redemption.

Our company transformed traditional print and mail catalogs, coupons and ads, replacing them with visual works of art, through the power of video, featuring a custom logo treatment, plus an optional, professionally animated coupon, that dazzles prospects, instantly, affordably!

We’ve revolutionized the way consumers engage and interact with advertisers, through a real-time one-touch approach, where prospects activate a variety of features to communicate with members of your staff, instantly!

We’ve modernized and transcended a vital industry, from using traditional print and mail coupon publications, and ushered them into 21st Century digital technology.

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Creating your Promotional Video

This feature is available on 3rd level of subscriptions!

Video marketing has become one of the most compelling tools to help present your company’s story.

Studies show that reading something only invokes 10% memory retention, whereas watching videos helps viewers retain 95% of the core message.

Your staff simply completes our step-by-step online form that includes a description of the scenes for your video. You may elect to choose scenes from the sample video for your industry, on our website, or elect to have our team suggest recommend scenes for your script/video. We help to develop a lasting “first impression” for your audience.

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Showcase your Campaign on a Professional Landing Page

Our creative staff develops a landing page for your campaign, branded with your company name, featuring your optional, professionally animated company logo, instantly capturing your prospects attention during the first 5 seconds of viewing, followed by a professionally produced 60 second video presentation describing your offer, plus an optional, custom developed, animated coupon, promoting your discount. Your landing page may also include optional, call- to-action buttons, or a redirect link to your website.

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Feature your promotion on the Website

Our website promotes prospect engagement through a one-touch approach, instantly featuring your offer.

We list your offer on our Digital Coupon catalog site, were shoppers in the local community can preview your promotion by accessing the “view deal” button, featuring various call-to-action options that includes, an optional, promotional video, that showcases your offer.

A thumbnail of the video is displayed in the vendor description section, encouraging visitors to engage viewing, by simply clicking the image, launching the landing page and an option to claim your coupon or purchase your deal.

Additional call to action buttons include, “visit our website”, “email us”, “call us” and a “contact us” section, featuring popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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Publishing your offer on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok

We list your promotion on our “Digital Coupon Promotion” Facebook and Instagram pages, targeting shoppers daily through Instagram/Facebook promotional campaigns, inviting prospects to browse our site, featuring ads, within a few miles of your business.

We are the only company on the planet that integrates digital Pay per Click marketing, featuring a 60 second promotional video to showcasing your offer!

Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok Ad Campaigns

Facebook marketing currently has 2.89 billion monthly active users, making it the largest social media platform in the world. Instagram has 2 billion monthly active users and TikTok ads can potentially reach 1.051 billion adults over the age of 18 each month.. The USA has 140.6 million active TikTok users aged 18 and above

According to statistics there are 4.76 billion social media users around the world as of January 2023, equating to 59.4 percent of the total global population.

With the addition of new smart marketing features, such as videos, new targeting capabilities, and the algorithm updates, social media has evolved in a lot of ways that has changed the reasons to use these marketing strategies for all companies.

Our program provides advertisers with an opportunity to feature their promotional offers in our digital coupon Facebook pages, targeting specific audience and geographic location. Our Facebook/Instagram ads reach an estimated 700 – 2,000 people located throughout the Santa Clarita Valley each day, that includes Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Saugus and Canyon Country, designed to generate new sales for your company, affordably!

Generate More Customers

Our Digital Directories offer an affordable marketing solution, generating new prospects through three powerful marketing platforms, our full-featured promotional website; Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok are designed to generate new sales, affordably!

Our clients pay a nominal fee to feature their promotion on all three sites, which would typically cost thousands of dollars a month, if they were launched exclusively for their business, to realize the same exposure generated through our affordable monthly program.