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Level 3 (Promotional Video & Coupon Campaign) $199

  • Includes a promotional coupon, professionally produced 60 second promotional video, optional logo treatment and an optional animated discount coupon.
  • A member of your staff can submit pre-existing images provided by your company, or our staff will select images from our stock image provider, at no additional cost and submit a preview for your review.
  • If no additional changes are required for the campaign, digital coupon, or promotional video for any future, consecutive months, the price will be reduced to $149 per month.
  • A reoccurring for each program fee will be automatically charged the first of every month, unless we receive a notice of cancelation within 15 days before the next billing cycle.

If files are uploaded before 12 Noon PT, our in-house artists will review your files and send a Final Approval within 24 hours.
Files uploaded after the deadline will be reviewed the following business day. We appreciate your patience in this process and if we find any issues with your files we will contact you.

File Uploading Tips

Submitting Your Files:

  • Upload your files in the form below, or
  • You can mail us your materials at thevanderhurstgroup@gmail.com
  • Please zip up files before sending
  • Please do NOT email your files

Name Your Files:

  • Do NOT include any special characters such as ( / : * ? ” < > | )
  • Please include a file extension
  • Do NOT use “.” other than in the file extension

After completing the form above, complete the “Video Submission Form” below.