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Boost Profits with Next-Gen Coupons: Unleash the Power of Local Savings!

Here’s how it works!

Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy and Increase Sales in your local market! Take advantage of our, no-obligation, 60-day Digital Coupon trial!


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We created a revolutionary couponing system that is far superior compared with traditional coupon websites. Our cutting-edge platform offers game-changing technology that helps businesses increase sales, making it easy for local shoppers to access discounts.

Here’s how it works!

Your offer appears on our digital coupon catalog website!

Your promotion is listed in the Digital Coupon Santa Clarita catalog website, “free of charge”, during the 60-day trial period!

Our website guides shoppers to find discounts throughout the local community, providing access to discount codes and coupons to make purchases. Our platform helps local shoppers find deals from a variety of retailers and brands in one place, without having to visit multiple websites or stores.

By clicking the deal/coupon title, the promotional page is accessed, providing various “call to action options”, that includes the launch of a custom produced 60-second promotional video for your company.

A “thumbnail of the video” is displayed in the vendor description section, encouraging visitors to engage viewing, by simply clicking the image, that launches your landing page.

Additional “call to action buttons” include “visit our website”, “email us”, “call us” and a “contact us section”, through popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Our “coupon redemption page” enables shoppers to easily access and redeem their coupons. providing  an option to print or save a coupon to their mobile device, for easy access while they visit your store. Shoppers enjoy hassle-free savings and retailers provide a more streamlined and convenient shopping experience.

We create a custom designed digital coupon featuring your promotion!

We transform traditional coupons, into digital “mobile friendly” coupons, that are instantaneously delivered digitally via email, or shared through the latest social media applications.

Digital coupons are far more effective than traditional paper coupons, eliminating costly printing and distribution costs. Consumers can instantly access digital coupons through mobile apps, websites, or email, eliminating the need to carry paper.

We create a professionally produced Promotional Video featuring your offer!

Keep prospects engaged through the “Power of Video”

The fact is, 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service and a video, featured on a landing page, can increase conversions up to 80% or more!

A 60-second video becomes a powerful tool to promote your product or service!

Watch our sample promotional video below!

We integrate three powerful components into your promotional video, that helps capture, peak and maintain your prospects attention!

Professional Logo Animation

We can transform your logo into a Beautiful Work of Art!

Instantly grab, peak, and maintain a viewer’s attention, creating a strong first impression, setting the tone for the rest of the video, while Increasing brand awareness and reinforce brand identity, making it easier for viewers to remember and recognize your brand. Select an optional, logo transition of your choice! Browse our library, by clicking the link below, featuring 100 live examples!

Professional Video Library

We showcase your product or service, by producing a 60-second promotional video featuring your offer, included at no additional charge!

Browse our library, featuring fifty-five custom produced videos. This helps your staff gain inspiration and ideas for your promotional video. Previewing examples of successful videos can help your staff to communicate your story and visual style to help increase your prospect’s video engagement.

Animated Coupon Library

We bring your Coupon Promotion to life!

Capture a prospect’s attention by increasing their interest in your promotion. Animation creates a sense of excitement and urgency, encouraging the viewer to take action redeeming your coupon!

We create a full-featured landing page, showcasing your offer!

Statistics show that featuring video on a landing page can increase conversions up to 80%.

Video becomes the powerful conversion tool your company requires to “drive new sales” and “increase profits”!

Our team is ready to create a custom landing page, featuring a video for your company, delivering your message, with clarity and impact!

We Offer Youtube Services

In the current digital landscape, consumer behavior has shifted, granting them control over information access, primarily through the internet, with a preference for video content. YouTube, boasting over 2 billion users, emerges as their top choice, with 88% of marketers finding success in YouTube marketing.

Youtube Services Includes:

  1. Youtube Services Includes:
    1. Create YouTube Channel
    2. Design Cannel Art and Logo
    3. Logo intro and outro video effect
    4. Subscribe reminder in the video
    5. YouTube Videos

    ⦁ Social engagement videos

    ⦁ How-to videos

    ⦁ Video blogs

    ⦁ Corporate promos

    ⦁ Video ads

    ⦁ Video testimonials

    ⦁ Training videos

    1. Optimized Video Descriptions and Titles

We create a full-featured landing page, showcasing your offer!

Statistics show that featuring video on a landing page can increase conversions up to 80%.

Video becomes the powerful conversion tool your company requires to “drive new sales” and “increase profits”!

Our team is ready to create a custom landing page, featuring a video for your company, delivering your message, with clarity and impact!

Our company helps businesses generate sales through the power of video marketing!

During the past 13 years, our company has produced over 25,000 videos, and helped businesses generate new sales in local markets and nationwide. Video marketing is an essential component that helps businesses promote their products or services. Videos not only capture, peak, and maintain your prospects’ attention, they can also support building lasting connections.

Our cost-effective solution has helped business owners boost sales and expand their customer base, by integrating cutting-edge promotional videos as a driving force.

We’ve revolutionized the way consumers engage and interact with advertisers!

We digitize your coupon

We create your promotional video

We create your landing page

We list your offer in our catalog website

We publish your offer on Facebook and Instagram

We run ads on Facebook and Instagram

It’s time to shift from Traditional to Digital Marketing

Traditional Printed Catalog

Coupon catalogs have been delivered to mail boxes for decades, the problem is, most of the ad’s repeat over and over again each month, which quickly diminishes the readership!

What makes us different?

No Sign-up Required

Hassle free! No sign up required for consumers! Prospects visit our site and choose the coupon they need!

Promotional Video

We produce a 60-second promotional video in our 3rd level of subscription, featured on the landing page!

Daily Campaign Ad

We run paid advertising to promote our directory pages in Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.

Optional Marketing Services

Don’t miss an opportunity to elevate your business and through increased revenue by integrating our optional, add-on services!

Give us a call, today! Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized strategy that aligns with your business objectives to generate new sales. We deliver exceptional results and provide the highest level of customer service.

Free 60-day trial includes:

  1. A custom designed digital coupon highlighting your promotion!

  2. A professionally produced Promotional Video featuring your offer!a. Logo Animationb. Industry Videosc. Animated Coupon

  3. A full featured landing page showcasing your offer!
  4. Your offer appears on our digital catalog website digitalcouponscv.com
  5. Your offer is featured on our Santa Clarita Valley Facebook and Instagram pages

No lock-in contracts!

Month-to-month subscription plans!

Each month, the subscription automatically renews until either the client gives proper notice to end the contract.






Coupon Template + Promotional Video

$99 Free for 60-day!

Monthly, cancel anytime!

Includes a coupon, plus a 60-second promotional video 

Coupon directory website listing

Includes a campaign landing page

Facebook/Instagram/Web Marketing